Does Medical Abortion Cause Pain?

It is natural to wonder if medical abortion will cause pain and if it does will it be bearable. In this blog, we will discuss how much pain is possible and how to manage it. We will also discuss few more things you need to know about medical abortion.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a way to stop the further growth of pregnancy and expel it from your body. It is a safe process you can buy abortion pills separately or you can get the two types of abortion pills at a place if you buy MTP kit online it also offers greater privacy

How does medical abortion work?

A medical abortion uses a combination of Mifepristone, which stops the growth of the fetus, and Misoprostol, which expels out the pregnancy tissues from the uterus by starting contractions in the uterus.

Will I experience pain?

The contractions in the wombs are felt as cramping and it is expected. The cramping is an indication that the abortion is happening. This will gradually decrease and stop after a few hours when the tissues are removed through bleeding. The bleeding is likely to continue for a couple of weeks.

The amount of pain you will feel can not be defined as every person has different tolerance and experience. For those who always get a crampy period, it will feel like just another long menstrual cycle or a little more painful than usual. Those who get the cramps for the first time may find the pain unbearable.

However, you are expected to feel relief after the consumption of over-the-counter pain relievers. If the pain still bothers you after taking the medicine you should contact the doctor.

What preparations should you do?

Here are a few things that will help you smoothen the abortion with pills for you.

  • Choose comfortable clothes and environment for your abortion.
  • Get some painkillers in advance to help you in the pain.
  • Ask a friend or someone who cares about you to stay by your side to comfort you during the abortion.
  • Take proper rest while abortion is in process
  • Stock up some books, music, or movies to keep yourself entertained.
  • Have heating pads and a hot water bottle to soothe the abdomen pain.
  • Make sure you have fast access to the clinic in the vicinity to contact in case of emergencies.
  • Conclusion

The pain experienced in medical abortion differs from person to person. You can manage it if you equip yourself in advance.

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