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Nuvaring is a non-oral medicinal birth control method- a flexible and safe plastic ring inserted in vagina as a contraceptive. It is effective to keep unwanted pregnancy at bay. The product has helped estimated 1.5 million females, and more by being a reliable product used worldwide. It works by continuously release low doses of synthetic hormone- estrogen and progestin, to be used until three weeks without a break.

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Nuvaring Working

The product releases 15 g of ethinyl estradiol or estrogen, and 120 g of etonogestrel or progestin, each day of its use. After three weeks use, and a gap of another week (like that of inert pills placebo week), the female experiences menstrual cycle. Like oral birth control, Nuvaring online contraceptive prohibits ovulation by releasing estrogen and progestin hormone. It inhibits sperm entering uterus by changing thickness of cervical mucus. The medicinal ingredients break uterus lining to cease chances of egg attachment or implantation.

Nuvaring Dosage format

Nuvaring online is administered once in a month. It is a self-administered birth control method to be put in vagina, and convenient to use. The vaginal ring does not even because a feeling of its presence, once inserted appropriately. Being comfortable, flexible, it also benefits women to choose a contraceptive as a private affair. The product must be kept inserted for three weeks, and then taken out for a week. A new ring can be used after this period for continued prevention of pregnancy.

Nuvaring online Precautions

Seek doctors advice if suffering from blood pressure, neurological disorder, heart disease etc. before using Nuvaring.

Smoking must be avoided.

Pregnant women or females suspecting being pregnant, allergic to the medication components must not use this product.

Action of Nuvaring online

During the period of 3 weeks, NuvaRing releases estrogen and progestin in a low dose structure continuously. With this process, the brain gets the signal to not provide releasing of the hormones for the process of egg maturation thus causing the prevention of the ovulation process. The product requires removal after 3 weeks and at the same calculated period of time and date. One can involve using after a period of a 1-week break.

Nuvaring online- Side-effects

The side effects to vaginal ring birth control are rare. These are nausea, sinusitis, headache, weight changes, respiratory infection etc. If a user experiences these adverse effects she must consult a doctor immediately to check whether Nuvaring is appropriate for her or not according to her medical history.

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  1. Victoria Eve

    As compared to other online pharmacies the prices of the abortion tablets and birth control pills are less expensive and worth the money.

  2. Jamie Pedretti

    Nuvaring contraceptive is extremely effective in controlling pregnancy. Only thing is that I was feeling tired for a while.

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  6. Amelia Smith

    I ordered the Nuvaring birth control which was recommended by an expert to control the pregnancy and wanted to use it before I get pregnant. It worked like a dream to me and the working mechanism was the same as mentioned on the website.

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