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How drugs work

 The active constituent of Cytotec kit along with the grouping of mifepristone (anti-progesterone) conveys the course of a therapeutic abortion. Mifepristone turns the uterus coating thin, detaches the fetus, and enlarges the cervix and uterine tightening; whereas, Misoprostol causes uterine retrenchments & ensuing exclusion of the embryo. Though, this tablet lonely considered outstanding to end an un-wished pregnancy, but its achievement rate seems quite low, when used only a drug called misoprostol. One needs to run the dose as it has been endorsed. It is an abortion pills not a contraceptive one.

 Dosage prescription of Cytotec kit

 The Cytotec kit successfully cause pregnancy termination within the period of 8th-12th weeks, it ought to be taken orally without crushing, breaking or mashing 3 times in day by maintaining 3 hours gap; whereas for vaginal process, the tablet need to be taken after maintaining6, 12 or 24 hours gap. In short, the pill needs to be taken vaginally and orally accordingly to terminate the fetus.

 Benefits of Cytotec kit

 This contraceptive drug has been considered as one of the wide usable tablet due to its compelling effect in inhibiting pregnancy.


Do not drink alcohol or practice smoking. Maintain some hour’s gap for any other drugs intake.


 Vomiting, giddiness, head ache, body pain, weakness, etc.


 Place it in room temperature away from small kids, air and sunrays.

 Hence go for abortion pill online like cytotec that consists of misoprostol to abort an unwanted pregnancy. You can buy cytotec at extremely cheap rates on website. If you buy cheap cytotec online, you will get discounts on bulk purchase.

Cytotec the brand name for Misoprostol has an ability to induce labor pain, an effective medication for abortion and also treats postpartum bleeding.

Cytotec or cytolog can be taken either solely or in tandem with Mifepristone (RU486) or Mifeprex, though it is considered that the success rate of using it in conjunction with Mifepristone is considerably much higher than using it singly. Medical abortion is considered to be more natural, self-assessed and more discreet. The effectivity rate of Cytotec is seen to be more when taken with Mifepristone that stands up to (95%) whereas when taken solely till the 8 weeks of gestation the affectivity is registered around (88%).

How to get Cytotec kit

You can easily buy Cytotec online or you can also get Misoprostol cytolog abortion pill USA. This product is easily available on our site and you can also avail the ongoing offers with this drug.

Exact doses

The exact doses are actually prescribed by the doctor and it may also vary according to the patient’s response to the dose. In case of failed abortion, the pill is redirected after 3 to 4 days. The pill is taken buccally or placed under the tongue or taken vaginally. In order to administer the pill vaginally, you need to seek help from a well-trained practitioner. Each tablet comes with the potency of 200 mcg (micrograms). You are supposed to take 1 pills one at a time and the later after 3 -4 hrs of completion of the previous dose. The same procedure of in taking the pill is advised for all the 4 pills or as the doctor directs.

Cytotec is also used to dilate the cervix prepare it for surgical abortion.

An overdose of this drug can lead to severe seizures, fast and irregular heartbeats, extreme drowsiness and dizziness. It is always advisable to take this drug in presence of a well-trained medical practitioner and get it monitored by him/her at due intervals. If such extreme cases occur you should at once visit the nearest health clinic without procrastinating.

  Precaution to be taken Cytotec kit:

Before you buy Cytotec online you need to open all your medical history to the doctor especially if you have any past history of bowel disorder. If you are smoking or drinking daily then this needs to be stopped before taking Cytotec as this will lead to heavy bleeding. Proper follow-ups to the doctor need to be maintained so that the doctor can monitor your abortion success. In case you are breastfeeding then it is necessary to inform the doctor as this drug passes on to the breast milk.

Drug interactions:

Your healthcare professional is well aware of any interaction of this drug so incase if you are under any kind of medication and you are not aware of the contents of the drug then it is advisable that you take the pill only after a complete health diagnosis from your medical practitioner.

It is strictly advised to avoid any magnesium-content antacids as this aggravates the risk of diarrhea.

Concomitant oxytocic agents are not recommended with this drug.

 Side effects of using Cytotec kit


  • Common side effects of Cytotec include normal health disorder like a slight headache, stomach cramps, constipation, menstrual bleeding, and a bit of drowsiness.


  • At times it is also seen that the rate of bleeding increases if the pregnancy days are more but if the bleeding is more severe then immediate control needs to be taken or the patient can have a risk of anemia.


  • Any kind of side effects if crosses the normal endurance level then needs to be immediately consulted with the physician so that further damage can be stopped.

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